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Development of a young brain

The brain is developing in such a fast way at the stage. The investment in the life of a child from 0-5 years old, might be one of the most valuable of a life time. I am writing this while my little almost 5 months old is crying and learning that crying those not really solve anything. Also the matter of routines and independence that will bring awesome results later on.

Two skills are developing very fast: the motor skills to crawl and fine motor skills that start with grabbing/using the fingers and letting go. Both skills will help the brain connect and develop properly. Biological development is necessary to be able to start doing certain things, so enjoy each stage and let his/her path guide your activities. It does not matter how much we want the child to walk, he won’t until he is ready. Not every child is ready for the exact same activity at the same time. Something else that intervenes on the child’s life is social patterns. For example, the fact that a child sleeps on his back may delay crawling a little.

Language is one of the first skills to be developed. The main stimulation on this skill is what they hear and see. They learn a language by imitation. Before 5 years old, any child exposed to another language will be able to develop it as his/her mother language. After 5 years old, the learning of one will be as a second or third language. Exposing the child to correct pronunciation and multilingual education is a priority.

Next skill or sense to develop is hearing. Music is an important tool to educate the brain. Also our choices will teach the child to delight with different sounds. Higher sounds are easier to recognize than low sounds at this point. This is why many times toys many have classical music.

Visual skill develops along with hearing but it grows at the distance in which it recognizes images or people. This is the reason why we should be careful with screens close to the eyes of a young child. Also this is exactly the same reason why bright lights attract babies so much. The industry knows this and now commercials are targeting children instead of parents, beware!

Sensory stimulation is at the peak of the most needed experience. Toys should provide different texture, sounds, colors. And I think it is already clear that an adult should always be keeping an eye on young children.

Remember, development is more important than accumulation in the early years. The brain will accumulate skills and learn basic vocabulary. Explaining is one of the main ways to increase vocabulary. I remember my sister in law laughing at me for doing this all the time to my kids. But explaining gives enough vocabulary.

Schedules, organization, Cause and effect, affection, will be the first structures stuck in the brain. They will mark the life of a child and continue to develop throughout their lives. So, that young brain needs you to have a plan, but it will also teach you so much about its own pace.

Enjoy the first years and never underestimate the impact of what you do and don’t do these early years.

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