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We at EDUCA know that people, specially children need the best training for a successful adulthood. Not everyone has the same access to it around the world, we are making this possible thanks to you. Team up with us today to bring awareness, hope and future accessible to all,

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Get to Know Us

Daniel is a christian, husband, father, and also pastor, Bible teacher. Discipleship is what he enjoys the most. 

Evi is a christian, wife, mother, and also a momblog, teacher. Teaching is what drove them to start an organization that made training, discipleship and education more accesible around the world.

Daniel and Evi have four children; Gerson, Sarah, Isaac, Rebeca. Thanks to the support and team of many, they have served 4 churches, and more than 300 children, applications for training, scholarship, and projects keep growing. Educa keeps growing along to serve many more. 

Thank you for growing together with us. 

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