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Why do we exist?

San Pedro Sula, HONDURAS

We live in a world under evil influence, so painful and real. Because we understand the pain caused by poverty and lack of opportunities, HSD School in Honduras exists. We exist to be the channel through which children find hope and freedom. You can show them Christ’s love and redemption through supporting them financially every month. 

A well trained child can live a better life by walking with Jesus, having ethics and putting food on the table in the future. An untrained child under poverty in Honduras is at risk of becoming a drug carrier, suffer sex traffic or become a gang member. So let's bring wholesomeness to our lives by sharing from the provision we already have to change a life that probably has nothing. Let's be the good God created to transform the world. 



 We continue to recover from the impact of Covid and schools closed for 2 years. Re-opening in person has brought hope to the families. We now have more than 60 students.

Doubling the amount of students in just a few months, means more school supplies to cover, twice as much meals to prepare daily, more classrooms, restrooms to install. We love to have these kind of challenges, and trust our Omnipotent God is in the making always.


 Our staff is a miracle; between hired staff, volunteers and parents who give extra hours permanently so the daycare, office, and kitchen keep running. We are blessed with so many heroes of the faith, little and big.

Classical musician, language experts, passionate teachers, pastors, chefs, all come together and serve our children to fulfill  out goal of high quality education.

Praise the Lord! 


We all have a roof over our heads. Kids should have a well equipped facility to grow integrally as well. 
HSD School rents a property in San Pedro Sula, join us to buy and extend this space. We have an organization that will match your donation. 
The building has already hosted: the school, church services, vacation bible school, refugies during storms. 
Let's secure a roof over their head.

Support HSD  

Bank deposit to EDUCA 

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