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May 2023


In the midst of the worries of this world, a generation of believers stand to give meaning through the gospel. We understand the destruction that sin brings to society. I know this first hand; my parents survived as pastors with very little. I studied under scholarship most of my life, we would walk to school and get donated uniforms.. This is the reality of third world countries like Honduras, families who wish for the best, but surviving with  $5 a day.

To educate children it takes a village, EDUCA is here to help you get to those who need it the most. We are doing this through HSD School, we honor parents who commit to their children by providing them with high quality christian, and bilingual education. We provide all supplies and meals for the kids to strive. We got new applications from kids looking for christian education in Turkey, we are currently praying for what would that become. 

 Facts and data

  • 71 students finished the school year a week ago. 8 new kindergarteners graduate and transition to 1st grade by August. Our very first generation of 8 students have reached their 9th grade to start in August as well.

  • We now have the non profit up and running. You can donate directly there or continue to donate through score intl. 

  • 69 applications have been received before the formal period of enrollment starts. Every student’s scholarship is of $1 a day. One scholarship covers food, one tuition, and another supplies.

  • Next August we will need 18 teachers.

We pray and believe in God’s Spirit always restoring all things. For this ministry to continue: 

  • We need more than 7 teachers added.. 

  • We also need facilities in order to continue serving our children and their families. 

  • We pray that they are fed daily, we preach the gospel, but also equip them to be competitive, and build a brighter future.

- God heard their groaning and He remembered His covenant. Exodus 2.24, The Bible 

Evi A-B

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