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Dory, Nemo, bulls & yokes

You probably have watched Nemo the movie, Dory is my favorite because she is lost like I am since every pregnancy took a toll on my brain. There are currents and clues, paths and ways they have to overcome to get to their goal: little Nemo. For the most part, the movie is about overcoming all odds and braving every obstacle.

This week my kids and I were meditating over the relationship of Jacob and Laban, his father in law. We all agreed it was a challenge and a struggle the costumes of those times. How did Jacob deal with more than 1 woman? How is it that Laban took advantage of him for more than 20 years? How come the wives made deals and trades over who would sleep with Jacob? So many challenging questions, and although I have had theological education enough to know “well this was part of their culture back in those days”. I cannot stop thinking what a mess swimming with the flow of those days was for Jacob.

Isn’t it like what we face today as adults? There is a forever pressure for a single to mingle, for a spouse to have dates with the spouse. There is an unbelievable pressure for parents to “make their children happy”. There is so many “ways” parents re-direct their God given honor to raise their children. There is a new era of feelings, rights, and self satisfaction. We can hardly not say to ourselves ( or someone else): “ I deserve this”, “you deserve it”.

Truth is that the fashion of times is mostly based on the selfishness of the men and women of the day. It can change as quick as it was stablished. On the other hand, there is the true truth of God, one that has survived throughout the story of the world making many christians accomplished, hopeful, peaceful, and all in all people who made this world a better place.

I am a christian, so why would I want to entangle my life by going with the flow if I loose my target? I mean turtles are awesome - Nemo - but so many times we have to push out of the current to get to where we are going.

So, swim even if you are going against all odds. If there is virtue and godly guidance. Jeremiah describes it more as yoke you know, the one that makes the bull walk in the direction it should. But the fashion of our time doesn’t allow me to say “controlled”- yoke. So let’s just leave it to "guidance".

When we have guidance, and fight against the flow for a higher purpose than simple momentary pleasure, that is when we accomplish the task. The result is God’s blessings. In my son’s words:” we are not following Him to be blessed, but He likes to bless us afterwards.” Consider the struggle you might be going through today; is it related to you copying some fashions of our times? What is the way that God has placed for that matter? Are you willing to get out of the current and submit to God’s control for your personal life? Marriage? Parenting?

The results of a bull lead by a well placed yoke, are always an amazing harvest. Of course the bull might not always enjoy the yoke, sometimes the pleasure of running wild is strong. Who wouldn’t want to just be set free of a yoke and run its way? Even if it means running the whole harvest, or never finding Nemo… So what is at stake here? The momentary pleasure, or the greater good that God has in storage for us all?

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