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We have a humanitarian crisis

The baby left in a bag, the little girl on the river and the little boy at the beach; they all had parents who where adults whom decided to expose their OWN children to a very very dangerous situation.

There is a human crisis: adulting.

Parenting is a responsibility, either we planned it or not. We cannot hope anyone else will solve our children’s needs. It is a blessing but nobody else’s responsibility other than the parents.

When God is left out of the picture and we start feeding ourselves with the idea that we decided, that we deserve, that nobody puts the rules, the laws. The only possible outcome is death. Because the heart of men is deceitful it tricks us...

so painful! Let’s go back to Christ the creator, His plan is perfect . Let’s start saying things as they are. Let’s adult!

The only way a death of a child is slightly bearable, is if it happened for medical diseases or a horrible accident. But from the moment a baby is inside the body of a grown up, it is that adult’s responsibility to raise that child and not to expose them to imminent danger.

And of course, migration is a right, what is not a right is to expose children. Let’s adult and stop taking the easy way to blame somebody else.


Just a mom, Christian still working hard to learn from mistakes, an inmigrant to 3 countries. One that ate spaghettis with tomatoe sauce about 3 times a week when I was in high school and only used second hand clothing . I am proud my parents tought me to work hard and not to blame anyone. Being poor made me the person I am and I am glad it did. It can only get better, I didn’t die of poverty, I self tought myself a second language. I didn’t loose my principles ( not too often haha). So millennial; if you are still reading, I tell you with all my heart: let’s adult. Life here on earth is hard but make sure you don’t blame anyone for what you are responsable. We can #letsadult write it down if you got this far and I will say a prayer for you. #maduremos

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