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The toys you choose for your baby will change their future

Updated: May 13, 2023

Have you ever been in one of those toy stores with literally thousands of products, not knowing where to start? And if you are as frugal as I am, you want to spend your money were it impacts the most. You want to make sure your maternal role brings the A game on. Keep reading because this one is dedicated to you and only you.

Babies are learning and developing life skills since they are in the womb. This is a perfect time to love on them, read and sing. Meanwhile you prepare for the big entrance to the world out here. Once they are born, there are some basic needs to fill in: LOVE, SECURITY, MOTION, LANGUAGE.

Breastfeeding, out of question is a God giving way to connect like no other way with your baby. But if you, like myself, have had trouble getting the hang of it, don't lose heart. Hold your baby just as if you are to breastfeed him at least 8 times a day. Look at him, talk to him and let him connect to you. One really awesome pillow I found is by #MyBestFriend brand on Amazon. it has a little bag you can have accessories (your phone, a bottle of water or else).

I have always taken my chances to read to them while I feed them, bottle or breast milk. Either way, you have to sit and pause life. what do you read? anything, at this point the language is the most important thing, not the content. So, read out loud things that you enjoy, it is adding to their little brain.

This connection will make him feel loved, attended. It will develop the language structures in his brain. My very favorite children books are those of #UsbornBooks but also there are so many classics, even #DollarStore that will be great.

Once those amazingly burning out first 3 months have passed, the baby starts reacting to the interactions. He laughs and you realize he also loves you. This is the perfect moment to search for mindful things/toys to develop his brain and muscles.

Based on many research, but one of my favorites - ABECEDARIAN- I need to make future post just about that. Basically scientist back in 1970 - 85, researched and run exercises on babies. They discovered that all kids in their program, despise their economical situation and poor educational environment, they became great apprentices and even more successful adults. A routine done daily with games that involved mainly classifying shapes, colors, objects was the one to blame.

So basically, I am telling you. Go get as many toys round, squared, basic colored shaped toy and let them play. Toys need to be soft and big for this stage. Let them play as they wish with them everyday. #MelissaDoug are my favorites and they last forever, well almost. But the shape, color bags look for the bean bags #amazon has.

Another basic is a mirror, some of the gym mats now come with one that is child proof. The child will start learning who he is and the action-reaction law of Newton. Isn't that cool already? I think it is.

Don't forget to get on the floor and crawl, yes crawl so you can see what she will see when she starts going around the floor. This is a most in every child healthy development, children most crawl, there is just so much to develop in the brain through this step of life. You might want to keep it clean and plain so there is less accidents. I would recommend for this my friends from the oil industry #YoungLiving

Are you still with me here? Help me learn and grow along with you. Thank you for been part of my FIRST OFFICIAL BLOG wow! That just put a smile on my face while my legs quivered a little. SO, make history with me and leave your comments / questions below. Also subscribe because this is only he beginning on this journey I have been waiting to start for years.

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Great Ideas, You might mention keeping cell phone away from baby because of EMF radiation.

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